Soleil partagé

A large scale landscape infrastructure floating above the ground produces electricity for the city and creates a new type of suburban public space thus giving new meaning to the decommissioned airport base.


The cultural center is a collection of small scale independent buildings which cover the entire site. The distance between individual building blocks allows the fresh breeze from the see to freely penetrate in the center of the site and naturally cool the large open air exhibition areas and public squares.

Carrière géothermique

À Paris, les réseaux des anciennes carrières donnent accès à une température constante stockée sous terre. Cela représente un potentiel d’économie d’énergie important pour l’exploitation de la chaleur en hiver et de la fraicheur en été.

Solar Effervescence

Sun and atmosphere create an ever changing invisible pattern of light on the earth's surface. Solar effervescence project is an intervention in the flow of sunlight to capture its essence in the form of electricity and physical experience.